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Satellite Radio

Radio without limits. Except tunnels and stuff. 


Sirius XM Tuners

Sirius XM universal tuners are great for adding satellite radio to anything! Your car, home, boat, RV, or motorcycle will support a universal SXM tuner such as the Onyx EZR or the color screen Tour series. These units create an FM radio station for your aftermarket or factory radio to pick up as it does a local station. For a hardwired connection, add the FMDA adapter and your vehicle specific antenna adapters. Professional installation is recommended! We will hardwire your power connection so there's no need to plug into your cigarette lighter, and will run and hide your antenna cabling for a clean installation. All you'll need to do is activate your service! 

Adding SiriusXM to an aftermarket radio

The SXV300 by SiriusXM will allow you to integrate SXM into your aftermarket "Sirius XM Ready" radio. Check before you purchase a radio, because not all radios are SiriusXM ready, and a radio that is listed as SiriusXM ready does not include the SXV300, so you'll need to purchase it separately. This add on allows you to view song and artist information, see album art, and set station presets with the built in radio screen!


Adding SiriusXM to your factory radio

SiriusXM can be added to some factory radios with the proper parts from VIAS technologies. These VIAS parts alongside an SXV300 allow control of SXM within your factory radio for a quick add on! Professional installation is recommended. 

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