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We offer a variety of products for your boat, motorcycle, ATV, PWC, or side by side! Radios, speakers, amplifiers, rock lights and underglow, additional forward lighting, deck lighting, and much more!

We carry a VAST line of marine rated products to fit your specific needs and specialize in this space. Many shops in our area aren't equipped with the tools or knowledge to outfit your toy, so let us!

Mobile Installs Available At Your Dock!

Free consultations available so we can accurately fit your needs!

Marine Radio

Marine Radios are available to fit your application, with gauge style, SDIN mounting, and custom fit options available. Multi-zone control and subwoofer level control are available to suit your needs, and remotes can be added for control across areas of the vessel.

Marine Amp

Amplifiers are available from a selection of brands and for various functions with numerous channel options. Standard 4 channel and monoblock units are available, as well as 6 or 8 channel units and even DSP integrated amplifiers for a full tuning suite on board.

Marine Speaker

Boat speaker sizes can range based on location and original fitment, but we carry a variety of sizes including 6.5", 8", 10" and so on. Subwoofers and horn loaded compression drivers are available for more advanced audio systems or for wake towers.

Motorcycle Audio

Drop in fit radios for Harley Davidson motorcycles are available, as well as speaker and amplifier options for almost any brand. We can build a custom package for your bike with drop in parts that don't require modification to any stock wiring or plastics, other than lid speaker cut in kits. Full replacement bag lids are available. Products from Kicker, Diamond Audio, and more, will be sure to fit the needs of casual riders or performers alike with options from entry level to pro carbon.


SXS Audio

Everything from small speaker add-ons, to full roof replacements are available for your side by side, as well as custom packages we can put together to fit your needs.

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