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Amplifiers are used between a radio and speakers to boost the power level, providing more volume and range to a speaker. Most radios provide 8-25 watts of RMS power to speakers, while amplifiers boast that number from 50-5,000+! Plan on pairing your amplifier with oxygen free copper (OFC) wire that's American Wire Gauge (AWG) certified for optimal performance. 


Choosing the amplifier that's right for you. 

Amplifiers come in many shapes, sizes, power levels, and price points. Amplifiers generally range from 1-8 channels, each channel being used for a speaker. 

1-2 Channel amplifiers are generally used for subwoofers, and boast a higher power level but with low pass filtering or a lower number of speaker outputs. One channel amplifiers are also referred to as "Monoblock" amplifiers. 

4 Channel amplifiers are generally meant to be used with mid range speakers, like the speakers in your door or dash. 4 channel amplifiers are great for adding volume to a system that's currently just a radio and speakers. 

5 channel amplifiers are widely used to run 4 door or dash speakers, with a higher powered 5th channel for a subwoofer. These are great to consolidate two amplifiers to one, saving money, space, and easing installation. 

6+ channel amplifiers are used for more complex systems like boats or motorcycles where you likely have more than 4 speakers and need to control individual speakers for tuning or zone purposes.

We offer many brands of amplifiers such as Kicker, Pioneer, DS18, Diamond Audio, Audiocontrol, and more!

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